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Welcome to ImexCentral

IMEx Central is designed to coordinate curation effort and the exchange of completed records on molecular interaction data between the IMEx Consortium partners - a group of interaction data providers that agreed to conform to common curation and data exchange formats. We hope that this way, besides improving curation efficiency we will be able to provide interaction data users with a large, uniform set of biological interactions. Such dataset set will be easier to analyse than a mosaic of smaller, partially overlapping interaction sets curated independently in incompatible ways.

The databases actively participating in the coordinated data curation currently include:

Other members of the IMEx Consortium such as BioGRID consider joining in after adopting their curation procedures and database infrastructure to IMEx requrements.

To check if an already published paper has been curated by one of the IMEx databases, please, provide NCBI PubMed identifier (PMID):


To recommend an already published paper for curation by one of the IMEx databases, please, register - you will be then able to add a paper you choose to the IMEx curation queue.