Imex Central Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to register to check the status of a publication I am interested in ?

    No, the curation status of individual publications within Imex Central is publically available to anyone.

  2. Do I have to register to request curation of a publication I am interested in ?

    Yes, as a person interested in curation of a particular publication you might be, apart from the publication authors, one of the people most knowledgable about the paper contents and its relevance. This might be valuable during curation by one of the IMEx curators. It will also let us notify you once the publication has been curated. Last but not least, it limits the possibility of flooding the site with script-generated, bogus curation requests.

  3. How do I provide cross-references to the IMEx records on my own Web page ?

    Cross-references to IMEx datasets and individual IMEx records that describe interactions reported in individual publications curated by one of the IMEx partners can be created through hyperlinks referring to<imex-accession>
    where <imex-accession> is the accession of IMEx interaction dataset (of the form IM-nnnnn) or IMEx record (of the form IM-nnnnn-nn). Clicking on such hyperlink will automatically redirect the browser to a page located on the server of the IMEx partner database that curated and/or currently distibutes the dataset of interest. The address of such page can be also retrieved without automatic redirection by using mode=url parameter:<imex-accession>?mode=url
    Accessions of the publicly IMEx datasets that describe interactions extracted from a particular publication can be obtained through a mapping service located at:<accession>
    where <accession> is either Pubmed identifier (default) or DOI of the article of interest (when optional ns=doi parameter is used). Provided such accession exists, the service will return a JSON-formatted string with IMEx dataset accession (IM-nnnnn) and information abouth the database that originally curated the interaction dataset. See demo pages for sample jQuery and YUI2 code.