Account Settings

Registered users can customize their accounts by following to their Account Settings page. There, the can modify the rules of automatic watch list generation:


These control which of the records will be automatically added to the user's Watch List. By default, the global watch generation flag is on, as well as automatic addition of the records that the user commented on or provided data attachments. If desired, the auto-addition options can be turned off. Individual records can be taken off (or added to) the Watch List by visiting their Watch Status tab.

The users can also configure their mail notification settings:


These control which Imex Central events will trigger sending email notifications. By default, notifications are not sent. However, interested users may turn on the global email notification switch and then choose one, or more, notification categories. For example, users interested in the status updates of the records they watch may want to turn on the Watched record updates flag whereas users interested in receiving Imex Central announcement may want to toggle the News announcements flag.